Our bold and vibrant, modern African clothing for women are stylish, comfortable and fun to wear!

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Our bold and vibrant African menswear clothing will transform your wardrobe and your life!

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Little Story About Orevaa

Here at Orevaa’s, we aim to celebrate African culture and fashion by creating modern African print clothing that has a unique, bold style and bright, eye-catching colours and patterns. Our colourful, high quality African print clothing is produced by tailors in Africa using locally sourced fabric. The name ‘Dashiki’ refers to an African shirt that’s loose and colourful and it was these fabrics that inspired the founding of Orevaa’s online store.

Men’s Shoe

Find stunning handmade classic shoes that will take you from the day into the night.


Men’s Collection

Men hoodies & jumpers with unisex dashiki sets. Beautiful wax print rumpers and bespoke tunics handmade in West Africa.

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The perfect African print swimsuit for your beach or poolside look.

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Dress Collection

African print dresses for any occasion! Dashiki Wears offers many African-style dresses so you can find the perfect one for your closet.

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